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    MAD COOL APPROVED: “10-minute legs, bums and tums home workout” →

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    Here’s this week’s MAD COOL WORKOUT WEDNESDAY video! Give yourself ten minutes to try this cardio workout and start slimming down for the summer!

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    I’m “scooching”. Workin’ on “the scooch”

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    Tone up your chest and arms with this full upper body workout. Give us 10mins and MCF will get you toned in time for tank top season!

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    There are in fact three parts to the race. Working on the bike. Got to get crackin’!

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    I’ve been out of pocket for a couple of weeks…

    Training for the ironman and working has turned out to be a lot more than I expected! I’ve got some more vlogs coming your way from my training though, so I didn’t disappear entirely!

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    USDA: Healthy food isn't really more expensive →


    We have many excuses for not eating healthy: I’m too busy. I don’t live near a grocery store. I can’t afford healthy food. I don’t know how to cook.

    new study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service is taking one of those excuses off the table.

    Previous studies have shown that eating junk food is cheaper than eating healthy food. But Andrea Carlson, lead author for the USDA study, said the way those researchers measured cost-effectiveness skewed the results… 

    A lot of people think that 2 bags of Lays Potato Chips is a bargain at $5. While they may down a whole bag of those chips in one evening and not feel satisfied, they could have gotten enough broccoli for several meals with that same $5, consumed more nutrients and saved themselves from the processed, fried snack that is filled with bad fats that makes them crave more and more of the same thing.

    After just reading a post about parents who weren’t willing to buy more fruits and vegetables “because they are too expensive,” this article may help change their minds. There are so many cheap ways to add a few more servings of both into your diet, and with a few healthy swaps, they may find that they are actually saving both money as well as a little extra weight.

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    Today is leg day with this MAD COOL Workout Wednesday video. Give yourself 10 minutes and give this lower body workout a try at home!

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