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    There are in fact three parts to the race. Working on the bike. Got to get crackin’!

    — 1 year ago
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    First track workout with Coach Eddie!

    Please subscribe! I post vlogs every week about my training for Ironman Lake Placid with Team in Training.

    — 1 year ago
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    Lunges. Opening up that stride. Working on that booty, hamstrings. Quads, muscles and movements I’ll need on the road.

    — 1 year ago
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    “Oops Upside My Head” Fridays! – March 1


    Please share your “oops” of the week!

    It’s Friday and time to share our workout and food snafus over the course of the week. I actually had a pretty good week. I removed ALL contraband from my kitchen – there is no salt, no sugar, no bread, no nothing….I’m living in the land of “no”….However, I am seeing a little more definition in my abs, so “yes!” At least the “no” can lead to a “yes!” Thank goodness.  But I am so looking forward to my cheat day (meal) Saturday. :)

    In the interest of full disclosure I just want to say that my sister clowned me hard about my salt “oops” post last week.  She was like “Salt on your avocados?! Girl you are trippin’. Salt on my avocados??? That’s the least of my problems…” Yeah, we won’t talk about the little chamie-cham (champagne) habit she’s got goin’ on… :)

    She thought this topic was so funny, that while we were on the phone, she proceeded to dial-in her friend so they could both clown me on speakerphone. “Fran, Fran…listen to this, listen to this…salt on her avocados…this girl is TRIPPIN’!”  Thanks big sis. Thanks.

    It’s all relative. That was my oops. For someone else it’s the White Castle slider that somehow magically floated through the air, into your car, down your throat, and to your behind…the behind part is definitely not magic; that’s called retribution. Payback is, well…you know.

    Whatever kind of voodoo got you off the health rails this week, TELL US! You guys email me separately with questions and “oops” info all the time, and a lot of times, it’s the same kind of “oops”. Share with the CREW so we can learn and support each other. Hell, I confessed and gave my salt away….:)

    It’s a new month, new chapter. Let’s share our “oops”, hopefully learn and move on from them.

    Jennifer & The MAD COOL FITNESS CREW

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    Yikes this camera’s up my nose! Will pull it back next time. Post workout core work and a lesson on how your shoes tell how you’re running. 

    — 1 year ago
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    "Oops Upside my Head!" Fridays →


    Tell us your  “Oops” from the week, whether it’s falling off the food wagon or not working out, we want to hear it. We all have an “Oops”. Please reblog, share it on Twitter or write on our Facebook Page so we can support each other, learn, and grow. Otherwise, it’s just a big ole knot on the side of your head and another cellulite dimple in your behind. Oops! :-)

    Another week has passed. How did it go? Did you stay on the food straight and narrow or did you have a few “oops upside your head” moments? Well, I did. Here’s my big “oops”.

    I’ve transitioned into entrepreneurship full-time, which is exciting, challenging, and a little terrifying. One thing I do every day, for structure, sanity, and to maintain good health is to get up and go workout. We’re all good there. Keeping to that schedule just fine. Here’s where a little trouble was brewing. I have been spending more time at home which has caused, inadvertently, food temptation in my apartment.

    One day I decided my avocado needed a little sea salt on it. I don’t know why. I haven’t put salt on my food in almost a year. Perhaps it’s the stress of my new lifestyle change, the working from home more often…I definitely spent a little time on my on couch doing a little self-analysis to understand my own behavior.  More on this later.

    As I’ve said many times, I’m an ex-food con and con is always a con. And that salt was like blood in the water - one taste and it was on! One day of salt on the avocados turned into two days, and then three! Sure the avocados are healthy but the salt is not. I rationalized as an endurance athlete I could have a little more salt in my diet which is sort of true, but really for race purposes not for everyday eating! On the third day I weighed myself. My weight was up 3 pounds! All due to water retention caused by the salt.  It was definitely time to slow my salt roll.

    After that big “ah-hah moment”, it was clear I couldn’t act right having salt in my house. I had to do a “salt intervention”. Here’s what I did.  I walked down to my neighbors and gave it away. I then spent some time reflecting on the events preceding my “salt situation slip-up” and determined: 1)  yes I am, in fact, a little stressed 2) I need to figure out what I’m stressed about and how to diffuse it 3) I need to get up out of my apt. and work from another more structured environment. Good assessment.

    Then I drank tons of water with lemon to get rid of all of that water J. Here’s the update. I’m proud to say the 3 pounds are gone, I have brought folks in to help me so I’m less stressed, and I’m working in a more structured environment to keep food temptation and another salt situation from happening. Jennifer’s world is once again in balance…until the next time, and there will be a next time. Stuff happens. The trick is to catch it early, address it, figure out why it happened, and learn from it. It’s called living, J.

    Hit us up by rebloggin, tweeting us on Twitter or write on our Facebook Page and tell us your big “oops” and let’s figure out how to keep it from going upside your head again.


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    I had to go get new shoes after my run on Saturday because I started to notice that my feet were starting to hurt a little more than usual. You always have to remember how crucial it is to have good shoes when you’re a runner!


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    Why do we do long runs? When I say long runs I mean training the mental toughness and focusing on endurance, rather than speed.  Long runs are crucial if you plan on undertaking a distance competition like a marathon or triathlon (the Ironman triathlon in my case!) and help tap into fat stores.


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    Motivational Mondays – What most fitness sites won’t tell you…


    It’s back from the weekend and back to the grind. Did you manage to STEP AWAY FROM THAT CHICKEN WING! this weekend or should we put the weekend in a big ‘ole food lock box?

    No matter what happened, this week you get to start over. Not only food-wise, but also with the workouts. Let me say this: there are some days you are not going to work out. Period. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s rainy, you’re tired, you’re achy, sleepy, sneezy, grumpy, a little dopey, and wheezy (the 8th dwarf?)… we get it. Here’s what most fitness sites will not tell you: Some days working out sucks.

    I’ve been consistently working out for almost 15 years and more often than not the alarm goes off at 5:30am and I’m like, “Ugh! Really?!” But I get up anyway. Why? Sure I know those first few steps stumbling around in the dark, suck. The subway ride jammed in some dude’s funky armpit, suck. The fact that in New York we are constantly dealing with some kind of precipitation and a foreign, wet substance dripping on us in the subway is par for the course and that sucks. Or the fact that when I take the first few steps on the treadmill or first few steps outside I’m running like Urkel going to meet Fred Sanford’s Esther, or the first 50 meters in a cold, cold, wet pool feel like 50 miles in which I’m fighting the water for my life and I’m losing, man, I AM LOSING and it sucks.

    So why? Why do I go through this daily, ritualistic torture? Because experience tells me that on the other side of suckiness is awesomeness. I haven’t had a workout yet in 15 years that I didn’t feel better after than before. Seriously. It’s worth it. You just have to push through the suckiness and get to the awesomeness. Call a girlfriend. Get a CREW together. Get support to help you to “turn them sheets loose” as my mother would say in the morning and get to it.

    And as always, we’re also here to support you! Tweet us or write on our Facebook Page and we’ll be there to make sure that you STEP AWAY FROM THAT CHICKEN WING!

    Awesomeness is waiting for you. Now go get it!  

    Jennifer & Your MAD COOL FITNESS CREW



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